Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Here at Guitar Lessons Sheffield we are never more proud than when we hear on of our guitar students has entered the recording studio for the first time! It is a fantastic experience, one that every young musician should aspire too! We are also keen to support local bands, we want to see who will be the next Arctic Monkey's or Pulp that Sheffield produces, so to help up and coming bands along we have compilied a list of what we consider are the best rehearsal studios and recording facilities Sheffield has to offer! We have paid specially attention to the best place for local bands to record their first EP, we hope this info will help you on your way to international stardom! So, in no order...

2 Fly Studios is now an infamous recording studio having been the place where Arctic Monkeys recorded their first demo tracks forming the Beneath the Boardwalk EP. Starting from the beginning a local band name Judan Suki came into the 2 Fly Studios to recorded a track named "Woods" with a certain Alex Turner on rhythm guitar. Turner mentioned that his new band were just about to do their second gig and would like to record a few tracks, little did they know that these demo tracks would spread like wildfire via Myspace helping the Arctic Monkeys debut album to become the fastest selling debut album of all time. If the studios history isn't enough to sway you then the state of the art recording facilities, distinctive sound and excellent production by Alan Smyth shorly should!

Yellow Arch is a fantastic recording and rehearsal facility located at 30-36 Burton Road, S3 8BX. With four rehearsal rooms rentable from as little as £7.00 per hour or £15 for three hours Yellow Arch really is one of the best places to practise Sheffield has to offer! You will be pleased to know non-other than the Arctic Monkeys practise here regually before they went on to international fame! The studio also provides a first class recording service, rentable for £240 for a seven hour day - although slightly pricier than some of the other studios it is well worth on account of the great sounding records the studio has produced including Javis Cockers debut album! Worth checking out!

Basement Recording is a state of the art recording studio, newly opened in 2010. Boasting some of the best recording equipment money can buy, the extremely well furnished recording facility is a relax and calm environment ideal for recording in. Located at 53 Tapton Crescent Road, S10 5DB Basement Recording is rentable for just £150 per 8 hour day, or £120 per day if you are under 18! These awesome rates, especially for young bands are well worth looking at as you wil struggle to find somewhere better to record at! Great studios!

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My lessons are specially tailored your individual needs as a guitarist making you learn guitar even faster! With the music we learn being driven by your musical taste you can rest assured our lessons will be exciting and something to look forward to each week.

If you are interested in learning guitar or would like to find out more about guitar lessons simply give us an email or call 0114 489 5035.

Local Guitar Tuition
Andrew is a fantastic guitar teacher located here in Sheffield! He taught me to play guitar with speed and confidence, helping learn through playing the songs that I love!