About Sheffield Guitar Lessons

About Sheffield Guitar Lessons

Hello! Welcome to Guitar Lessons Sheffield, my name is Andrew Oxley and I am a professional guitar teacher based here in Sheffield with over 5 years teaching experience. I teach guitar students of all ages and abilities, helping them to learn through playing the songs that they love. I cover a huge array of different styles on both electric and acoustic guitar, building individually tailored courses for each one of my students.

I have been teaching guitar for over three years to students from across Sheffield, drawing on over twenty years of experience studying the guitar as an instrument. During this time I have developed a deep understanding of rock, blues and folk and continue to look to expand this knowledge into new genres. I have also been an active musician throughout this time, notably being the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for a local band called "Crowley’s Dead" who gained some radio play and also toured extensively around the UK. More recently I have been undertaking solo acoustic guitar shows specialising in folk music, as well as joining a new rock band called "The Silent Game".

My experience in studying, making and teaching music have formed me into the musician and educator I am today. I write, record and perform music all the time, and have continued to developed my skills in these three areas, which have in turn fed back into my teaching. I am a very patient, reliable and helpful person and I always adapt my teaching approach to the students capability.

Guitar Lessons Sheffield Andrew Oxley

I ensure that my students learn what they want to learn at their own pace, giving them the best chance of getting exactly what they want out of playing the guitar. My aim is to provide each of my students with the tuition that best suits them. So whether you just wish to play your favourite songs or learn everything there is to know, I am here to help! To book your first lesson or to simply find out more about Guitar Lessons Sheffield get in touch via the contact form or ring 0114 489 5035.


"Andrew has helped me get to grips with the instrument, providing clear and concise instruction. He is a relaxed and patient teacher with the knowledge to provide answers to my questions. I am very new to the instrument, yet Andrew has managed to make me feel more at ease with it, but most importantly, more confident that I will be able learn the guitar."

Andrew is a Registry of Guitar Tutors approved teacher:

Guitar Lessons Sheffield Andrew Oxley

Electric & Acoustic Guitar

My lessons are specially tailored your individual needs as a guitarist making you learn guitar even faster! With the music we learn being driven by your musical taste you can rest assured our lessons will be exciting and something to look forward to each week.

If you are interested in learning guitar or would like to find out more about guitar lessons simply give us an email or call 0114 489 5035.

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Andrew is a fantastic guitar teacher located here in Sheffield! He taught me to play guitar with speed and confidence, helping learn through playing the songs that I love!